Received funding for European project RAPTOR

We are happy to announce, that in collaboration with the Slovenian company COSYLAB and many international research groups we have received funding for the European project RAPTOR (Real-Time Adaptive Particle Therapy of Cancer).

RAPTOR is a project within the 8th Framework Program of the European Commission Horizon 20202 in the work of Marie Skodlowska Curie, European Networks for the Education of Young Researchers. The theme of the project is related to accelerated particle therapy, a modern method of radiotherapy that uses nuclei of light elements such as hydrogen, helium and carbon instead of gamma rays. This type of radiation enables the precise formation of the radioactive dose and thus the control of the dose received by the sensitive tissue around the diseased organ.

RAPTOR aims to train a new generation of Medical Physicists enabling the paradigm shift from manual stepwise to automatic seamless treatment approaches, assuring a standardized clinical implementation of real-time adaptive PT.By connecting developments within all three components of an adaptive treatment LOOP ((i) imaging/image processing, (ii) intervention, and (iii) verification) we will be uniquely positioned for the next step in advancing PT.The project brings together four key disciplines (clinical as well as industrial knowhow on all aspects of PT plus expertise and experience on medical imaging, computational sciences and industrialization) filling a critical gap in European training for Medical Physicists with a focus on the future of PT.