The basic goal of the Master’s study program in Medical Physics is to train students to use physical principles to understand the biological and medical bases of disease and health, the ability to detect disease early with imaging and non-imaging diagnostic techniques and to develop, manage and monitor disease treatment procedures.

The program builds on interdisciplinarity and thus connects physics, medicine as well as many other sciences (e.g., computer science, biology, pharmacy). Students receive both theoretical and practical knowledge in these fields. The lecturers are established scientists on an international scale, involved in the clinical and research environment, which gives the study exceptional extent and quality. With the successful completion of the program, students become experts in the field of medical physics, thus further developing their careers both in practice and in academia.

If you are interested, please see the study programme and the study presentation.

After the study

The title of Master of Medical Physics opens a wide range of jobs, from clinical institutions, jobs in industry, international and government bodies, as well as the continuation of academic and research careers (e.g., universities, institutes).

List of defended master’s theses

Mammographic detector error monitoring with statistical analysis of phantom images

  • Mentor: Andrej Studen, co-mentor: Urban Zdešar
  • Author: Urška Poje

Impact of longitudinal measurements on the reliability of the BI-RADS mammography image density classification algorithm

  • Mentor: Andrej Studen
  • Author: Jan Štefanič

Assessment of discrepancies between registration methods of CT and CBCT images in contour transfer in adaptive proton beam radiotherapy

  • Mentor: Andrej Studen
  • Author: Matic Orehar

Identification and quantification of sources of variability in the clinical determination of the extent of myocarditis from MRI lGE images

  • Mentor: Robert Jeraj, Co-mentor: Borut Kirn
  • Author: Lana Kralj

Identification and quantification of sources of variability in measurements of left ventricular contraction by STE ultrasound

  • Mentor: Robert Jeraj, Co-mentor: Borut Kirn
  • Author: Katja Strašek