The basic goal of the Master’s study program in Medical Physics is to train students to use physical principles to understand the biological and medical bases of disease and health, the ability to detect disease early with imaging and non-imaging diagnostic techniques and to develop, manage and monitor disease treatment procedures.

The program builds on interdisciplinarity and thus connects physics, medicine as well as many other sciences (e.g., computer science, biology, pharmacy). Students receive both theoretical and practical knowledge in these fields. The lecturers are established scientists on an international scale, involved in the clinical and research environment, which gives the study exceptional extent and quality. With the successful completion of the program, students become experts in the field of medical physics, thus further developing their careers both in practice and in academia.

If you are interested, please see the study programme and the study presentation.

After the study

The title of Master of Medical Physics opens a wide range of jobs, from clinical institutions, jobs in industry, international and government bodies, as well as the continuation of academic and research careers (e.g., universities, institutes).

Master’s theses topics

Andrej Studen

Jure Bon

  • Modelling and simulation of impact of transcranial magnetic stimulation on electric field formation in brain tissue

Petra Tomše

  • Optimisation of patient doses in FDG-PET imaging
  • Individual 3D dosimetry calculation on basis of SPECT imaging in radionuclide therapies
  • Patient dose estimation in I-131 thyroid therapy and correlation to other clinical parameters
  • Optimisation of reconstruction parameters in FDG-PET brain imaging

Rok Dolenec

  • New type of ultra-fast sensor for TOF-PET imaging

Urban Simončič

  • Optimization of acquisition and kinetic analysis methods for dynamic PET images
  • Application of kinetic analysis on dynamic PET images for cancer treatment with antiangiogenic therapies
  • Optimization of biologically conformal radiotherapy

Possible topics for Prešeren award for medical students