The main goal of the PhD programme in Medical Physics is to carry out independent research in an interdisciplinary field that combines physics and medicine, as well as other sciences (e.g. computer science, biology, pharmacy).

On successful completion of the programme, PhD students become experts in the field of medical physics, making them employable in a wide range of activities from academia to industry and the clinical setting.

Defended PhD theses

Combined hyperspectral imaging of macroscopic and microscopic samples for the assessment of optical and structural properties of tissues

  • Mentor: Matija Milanič
  • Author: Jošt Stergar

Novel radiolabelled cholecystokinin-2/gastrin receptor antagonists

  • Mentor: Petra Pietl
  • Author: Doroteja Novak

Physical models of immunotherapy

  • Mentor: Robert Jeraj
  • Author: Damijan Valentinuzzi

Characterisation of human skin by a combination of photothermal radiometry and diffuse reflectance spectroscopy

  • Mentor: Boris Majaronl
  • Author: Nina Verdel