Personalizacija radioterapije

We have introduced dynamic conformal arc therapy for a shorter treatment time of lung cancer patients and managed to reduce the impact of positional errors in volumetric modulated arc therapy. We have developed a novel method for the determination of correction factors for photon beams in radiotherapy. We studied cardiac motion monitoring during radiotherapy with machine learning methods to improve the therapy outcome (ARRS BI-HR/18-19-006 grant). MPRP members are also involved in three IAEA technical cooperation projects dedicated to improvements in radiotherapy (IAEA RER6033, IAEA RER6036, IAEA SLO6006 grant). Importantly, the MPRP PI, Dr. Jeraj is the Co-Chair of the ICRU Committee tasked with preparing new radiotherapy treatment guidelines based on comprehensive incorporation of uncertainties for the development of more robust treatment plans.