Modeling of optical transport through tissues

We developed the most precise model of a human finger to date from a high-resolution in-vivo MRI scan, which we used to design a multispectral imaging system for early detection of rheumatoid arthritis(ARRS J2-8171 grant). We developed analytical inverse light-tissue transport models to determine skin structure and composition for analysis of spectral images of human skin. Our algorithms are faster than the common algorithms and enable image analysis in reasonable times, a critical challenge for clinical applications. We started two international collaborations to progress the image analysis algorithms (ARRS BI-FI/20-22-010, ARRS BI-HR/20-21-016 grants).


Project ID
ARRS BI-FI/20-22-010
R Jeraj
Analysis of hyperspectral images by machine learning in medicine
ARRS BI-HR/20-21-016
R Jeraj
Monitoring of chest motion during radiotherapy with machine learning methods