Call for young researchers

Young researcher (full-time employment, application deadline 30 June 2021)

At UL FMF, in October 2021, we will offer employment to a young researcher or young researchers. The mentor will be prof. Robert Jeraj PhD.

Treatment Optimisation based on Quantitative Imaging Biomarkers The main question addressed in thisdoctoral workwill be how molecular imaging-based Quantitative Imaging Biomarkers of early treatment response and adverse effects can i mprove clinical decision making.Doctoral work will include development of advanced image analytics (e.g., machine learning, radiomics) for quantification and longitudinal disease follow-up during therapy. In collaboration with our clinical partners in Slovenia (OI, UKC) and international partners (EU, USA, Australia) within Networks of Imaging eXcellence (NIX) Alliance, these tools will be applied to a number of clinical studies of stateof -the-art therapies (e.g., immunotherapy, theranostics). The results of analyses will be used for development of disease models with the main goal of construction of a systemfor optimal therapy planning. Doctoral work will be highly interdisciplinary and conducted within the medical physics research programand associatedinternational collaborations

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